Filming in Lebanon

Although not spreading on a wide territory, Lebanon’s filming potential is considerable. With a long history of film and TV production, it can easily accommodate foreign projects. You get quick access to locations all across the country, within a few hours. Plus, there are local professionals available, but you can also import crew. Filming in Lebanon becomes more rewarding when you collaborate with us. Film permits, translation, gear rental are only the tip of our portfolio. We can negotiate the production details and agree on the most convenient rates. Work with the leading production fixer in Lebanon for top results!

Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Lebanon

Filming in Lebanon is more popular for commercial productions and TV series. However, the support of the government helps the growth of the foreign film branch. If you think about all the benefits filmmakers can enjoy here, there is no doubt you should try it too. Sandy coastlines, desert landscape, or snow-capped mountains are less than two hours away. The main production hub is Beirut, conveniently located on the Mediterranean shore. Getting specialized gear or crew is within reach. Rely on the local workforce or import it from Europe or Dubai, the choice is yours. And to make filming in Lebanon unforgettable, our production assistance is key.

When you put into perspective all the tasks involved in a production, you realize the value of time. When you are on a tight schedule or even budget, having to deal with paperwork or do research can drain you. That is why our reliable production assistance is so important for your peace of mind. We can guide you through the formalities for film permits. As for the services provided by our location manager, they are unmatchable. We have the skills and knowledge to make filming in Lebanon unforgettable. Drop us a message!

Getting Film Permits In Lebanon

One of the most dreaded aspects of shooting abroad is having to deal with too much bureaucracy. Luckily, filming in Lebanon will be a real bliss from this point of view. Getting the film permits here is a rather straightforward process. You need to submit an application and processing can take up to 1-3 weeks. Usually, authorities are flexible, depending on your production. They can easily grant your permit for b-roll across Beirut, for example, in about a week. If you need to get aerial footage or restrict traffic in an area, it may take more time.

For journalists aiming to film in the suburbs of the capital, an escort is necessary. Also, approval from Hezbollah’s media office is mandatory for this type of shoot.

In the case of a drama or action movie, keep in mind that your scripts should be respectful. Avoid references to sensitive topics that may go against the country’s values. 

Allow Fixer Lebanon to make the process of getting your film permits even easier. We can handle the formalities, while you focus on capturing eye-catching shots. Prepare to explore unique angles and stunning backdrops. For film productions set in Lebanon, trust our all-encompassing support.

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Lebanon

The production costs for filming in Lebanon are rather down to earth. You can find accessible crew for hire and the proximity to both Europe and the Middle East is a plus. Importing resources that are not available locally is possible too. And to keep stress at bay, rely on the expert support of a professional production fixer. That would be us, Fixer Lebanon. 

For any foreign production company or independent filmmakers, we provide full production assistance. Count on us to know all about the regulations, tax rebates, or incentives. While Lebanon’s production industry is on the rise, no tax rebates are still available. In the absence of a film commission, other institutions regulate the film industry. The Foundation Liban Cinéma (FLC) and the Ministry of Tourism are the main ones. MovieMed network is an international program aiming to develop the film sector. Spain, Italy, Tunisia, France, and Morocco are also part of it. 

Incentives may become available to foreigners soon. Until then, allow us to help you get the footage you need, in the most convenient conditions. Our support is what any filmmaker or production company filming in Lebanon needs. Drop us a message for more!

Filming in Lebanon