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Imagine getting easy access to varied landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to sunny beaches. We mean, super easy access, like in a few hours’ drive. Find them and use them all for your next video production, while filming in Lebanon. Our welcoming country blends unique European and Middle Eastern influences.production service lebanon

With the film industry booming since the 1920s, the last thing you have to worry about here is the lack of resources. Small in size, but with large potential, Lebanon can be the perfect filming location for you. Archaeological sites, jaw-dropping natural landscape, and miles of beautiful beaches await. To make the most of this lavish filming potential, team up with a Fixer Lebanon. We are a crew of local experts in production support.

Rely on us to know all the aspects of production, for a stress-free experience of filming in Lebanon. From the film permit regulations, down to the little details on the set, we can provide full guidance. Thanks to our dedicated team, including a location scout, you get to explore the most scenic spots. We deliver extensive support services that do not cost you an arm and a leg. Get all-encompassing access to the ultimate local resources. From southern Tyre to Beirut or Tripoli, we can provide all you need. 

Our broad-ranging experience makes it possible for us to act as a journalist fixer too. If you need to reach reliable sources for gear, crew, or insightful information, let us know. We are Fixer Lebanon, at your service!

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Lebanon

When it comes to filming in Lebanon, you may feel tempted to skip production assistance. After all, in such a small country, it should be a breeze, right? Well, maybe, but trust us when we say you deserve to enjoy the experience. Stay focused on the main goal and count on Fixer Lebanon for help. We handle the tedious tasks, so you have time to enhance your creativity. Leave the hassle of bureaucracy on expert hands. Rely on a fully vetted film fixer in Lebanon to take care of the time-consuming aspects of production.

Have all your needs covered from A to Z. It is more than the average production assistance that we offer. Our services encompass a large array of tasks. And we tailor our offer accordingly to your needs and budget.

Fixer Lebanon sets the success of your production as a priority. And what you will appreciate most is that you do not have to break the bank to afford all this. We know budget management can be tricky, so our services meet high standards but do not leave dry. Our experience, accessibility, and professionalism make us a leading film fixer in Lebanon. 

We are part of Storytailors, an international service production network spanning around the globe, thus we apply international standards to our local knowledge.

Leave the stress of production aside. Working with a skilled crew means you can concentrate on getting the footage you want. From location scout to cameraman or other talents, we know where to find the most reliable crew for you. Make your move and stand out from the crowd. Trust Fixer Lebanon for top support!


Filming In Lebanon With Us

We genuinely value our client satisfaction most. That is why we constantly adjust and try to provide offers that meet your needs. From private shots in top locations to remarkable angles of natural wonders, is it all here. Fixer Lebanon knows the shortest way from idea to production. Trust us to be by your side in every location. And do not stress with gear or bureaucracy, our production assistance covers all of that.

For the most innovative ideas, we offer complementing local resources. So we ensure your application for a film permit gets approval ahead of time. We know a delay in shooting can cause a real mess. Filming truly is a breeze when you collaborate with a passionate film fixer in Lebanon. The results of our work reflect the efforts our team puts into ensuring things run smoothly on set.

Our location  manager knows filming in Lebanon should comprise the most telegenic places. Explore modern architecture, ancient ruins, or unspoiled nature. And rely on us to guide you through the dusty roads. 

We understand the importance of proper gear when filming in Lebanon. For top-notch results, the filming equipment you use has to be top-of-the-line. Technocrane is the main provider in the region. If needed, more specialized cameras or grip can be easily imported from Dubai or Europe. Capture on film the unique melange between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. Whether to shoot a commercial, a blockbuster, or a TV series, trust Fixer Lebanon’s support. Contact us today!

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