Film Permits & Locations

There is so much beauty to indulge in among Lebanon filming locations. From the gorgeous Kadisha Gorge, sandy coastline, to ancient ruins or modern architecture. And they are all easy to reach in less than two hours. You can be shooting in the mountains in the morning and then set the camera for a sunset by the beach, in no time. To help you out in finding the perfect backdrop, rely on our location manager. And leave film permits on our hands, for a laid-back filming experience. We practice convenient rates for all our services. Contact us for more details!

Lebanon Filming Locations – Beirut

The country’s main production hub, the capital is also a highly photogenic place. Filming in Beirut grants you access to splendid architecture and vibrant life. For small-print productions, obtaining film permits is a straightforward process. And for large impact projects, count on our production assistance.

Lebanon filming locations are definitely worth your attention. Capture the authentic nightlife buzz, the bustle of the souks, and the serenity of the mosques. Top that with contemporary masterpieces like the Beirut Terraces. And if you want to check out some remnants of the Civil War here, the Holiday Inn Beirut is your spot to go. Make no exception from your high-quality standards. Allow us to ensure you get top-notch equipment and a team of professionals on set. Fixer Lebanon has the answers to all your filming concerns. And worry not, our support will not cost you an arm and a leg. Drop us a message today!

Lebanon filming locations beirut

Filming in Mount Lebanon

We mentioned before how Lebanon filming locations encompass more than the sunny coastline. Not far from the shores of the Mediterranean, you can get the footage you want of snow-capped mountains. That is, of course, if you decide on filming in Mount Lebanon. Set your story in any spot across this mountain range and join forces with us.

As a leading production fixer, we can provide full access to top filming resources. Gear, crew, location tips and more, are all in the palm of your hand when filming in Lebanon with us. Get footage of the Beiteddine Palace or Byblos Castle and revive the crusade era vibes. Or shoot near the Chouwen Lake, for awe-inspiring blue water. For any location of your choice, our dedicated team of fixers can assist you with all the formalities. Getting the film permits in Lebanon is a breeze with our production assistance. Let’s talk more!

Lebanon filming locations mount lebanon

Lebanon Filming Locations – Beqaa

Beqaa is ideal for historical productions or ancient ruins footage. It stands out among the Lebanon filming locations with its ruins and farms. For a countryside backdrop, here you find wheat, corn, cotton fields, as well as wineries. Head to the ancient Phoenician city of Baalbek for a trip to the glorious past. You can count on our location scout manager to help you find the Temple of Bacchus or the Temple of Jupiter in the area.

We can also arrange your film permits ahead of time. Our production assistance covers every need a filmmaker or production company may have. Spend more time behind the camera and leave the tedious tasks on our hands. Explore this fertile valley and get the footage you need for your next production. And count on us for competitive rates on high-quality services. From gear rental to location scouting, we do it all. Let’s talk about filming in Beqaa.

film permits lebanon beqaa

Filming in Tyre

If you recall the chariot race scene in “Ben Hur” (1959), you can recognize one of Lebanon’s filming locations. The ancient ruins found across Tyre make it a spectacular location. The Hippodrome was the backdrop for the aforementioned scene. But our location scout manager can also show you the most appealing angles of other ruins. Consider the Necropolis or the Sidon Sea Castle, a Crusades era remnant.

With the help of an experienced film fixer in Lebanon, you know you will get all you need on set. Capture the souks’ colorful atmosphere or heartfelt silence of the mosques uninterrupted. Rely on us to get the film permits approved on time. And even if you are on a tight budget, leave worries aside. Filming in Lebanon is more accessible compared to other Middle Eastern countries. Plus, our top production support will not make you break the bank. Send us a message for details!

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